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A Family Business Featuring Canadian Art by World-Renowned Nature Artist

Glen Loates

Michael Loates sitting at his desk working on the Glen Loates Siberian Tiger Book.

I am the eldest son of the renowned Canadian wildlife artist, Glen Loates.

With great pride, I present to you through the advent of this website the incredible works of my father, Glen Loates, an eminent Canadian wildlife artist. As you will see on the site, his stunning images capture an enduring record of the natural world.

As you view the various products we have to offer, you will be captivated by the hallmarks of my father’s work. Each species is presented with an unmatched artistic quality expressed in the precise depiction of anatomy, color, and detail. Who would believe that he is self-taught!

My career has been in graphic art and technology. I work primarily in Photoshop on my preferred Mac and Wacom graphics tablet. I am also an amateur photographer.

My role in creating and operating this business consists of designing the site, creating and presenting the various products, and ongoing communication with customers. My commitment to you is that the images you purchase are produced with the utmost attention to quality!

As new products are introduced, it is hoped that you will find that special item for you or your loved ones to cherish for years to come.


Michael Loates

PHOTO: Michael Loates working on The Making of the Siberian Tiger book by Glen Loates for our Insiders Club subscribers.



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