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Glen Loates Documentaries

There are several documentaries made about myself and my art. These are two I would like to share with you. You will learn why I became an artist and what makes me strive to do better. Please keep in mind these films were produced many years ago and have become deteriorated over time. You may notice scratches in some of the footage. Now sit back, relax, press play, and enjoy the show!

This is a remastered version of the 1970 documentary film titled "Color It Living," featuring world-renowned artist, Glen Loates and filmed by Toronto filmmaker Don Grey. The footage was taken from the original film reel that was found in Glen Loates' archives. Due to the age of the film, some artifacts and slight color shifting might be present. The documentary was filmed on location in British Columbia. With the help of friends an locals in the region, Loates was able to explore this wild territory and paint the incredible landscape and wildlife it had to offer. Including wild moose and grizzly bears.

Glen Loates is the first Canadian artist to be represented at the White House. In 1982, The Right Honourable Pierre Elliot Trudeau arranged for Glen to meet with President Reagan in the Oval Office to present Glen's painting, "The Bald Eagle" to the American people on behalf of Canada. Glen's other work was also given to His Royal Highness Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, and the Right Honourable Pierre Elliot Trudeau, former Prime Minister of Canada.

A Summit of Life is a series that focuses on individuals who have made an impact in the world around them.

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