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    Hummingbirds And Hibiscus - Art Print

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    The Ruby-throated hummingbird is a true jewel of the sky. These magnificent birds capture our attention so well we just get mesmerized as they fly gracefully from flower to flower on a warm summer day. They spark so much curiosity, many of us have feeders, just for them!

    Now you can capture the moment with this delicately painted watercolor by Glen Loates titled Hummingbirds and Hibiscus. The fragile petals of the hibiscus along with the shimmering play of color from the hummingbirds can only be faithfully captured by master artist, Glen Loates.

    This print is from an original watercolor painting. While staying with friends in Florida, Glen Loates had the opportunity to paint the hibiscus flowers growing in their garden. He made quick sketches of the hummingbirds hovering around the flowers. When he returned home, he borrowed two hummingbird skins from the Royal Ontario Museum in Toronto Canada, so he could accurately paint their iridescent feathers.

    • Materials

      Heavy weight (230 g, 9.5-mil), neutral white, archival acid-free paper.

      Print Method

      Giclée process using acid-free, fade-resistant archival inks.