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a presidential meeting glen loates

An Official Gift on behalf of Canada

glen loates and president reagan

United States President, Ronald Reagan with Glen Loates

At age 37, Glen Loates was the first Canadian artist to be represented at the White House. In 1982, President Reagan, on behalf of the people of the United States of America, accepted the painting "The Bald Eagle" in The Oval Office.

It all started with Glen's idea to present a magnificent life-sized painting of a bald eagle to the President of the United States as a gesture of friendship between the two countries and to commemorate the 200th Anniversary of this bird of prey as America's symbol.

With Glen's determination and persistence, he was able to reach out to the Canadian Prime Minister Pierre Elliott Trudeau. Prime Minister Trudeau was very enthusiastic about the idea and was eager to attend the presentation. Due to his other commitments, Prime Minister Trudeau arranged for Canadian Ambassador Allan Gotlieb to accompany Glen at The White House. 
Reagan was awestruck when he saw the piece. The framed watercolor painting measured 127 by 152 centimeters, (50 by 60 inches). The watercolor was full of life and extremely detailed.


by Glen Loates